Welcome Summer 2018!

We are looking forward to a great Summer term! All information and materials for the Genetics Lab can be found here on our website, no need to purchase a lab manual. AWWW YEEEAH!

Ensure to read all materials prior to the start of the labs and check out the syllabus and schedule pages.

Looking forward to a great term!

Joshua Raji (Genetics Lab Head TA)

PS: Remember your white lab coat and close-toed shoes.

Thank you Spring 2018!

Hello everyone,

Special thanks to all students who enrolled in the lab. I also want to appreciate all the wonderful TAs including John Castillo, Maria Pimienta, Elina Barredo, Heba Ali, Luke J. Stanley, Juan Oves and Alberto Cruz.

You guys are amazing!

Thank you all!
Joshua Raji (Genetics Head TA)